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British art-rock musician and producer who has built his reputation with his consummate debut album Propeller which was shortlisted in the UK album of the year category at the MPG Awards in 2013 followed by the release of his much anticipated second album Alexandrine.

Blending his ballad-singer openness and the feathered strength and vulnerability of his distinctive and resonating voice with a wide range of
acoustic and electronic ingredients, has rewarded him with acclaim in progressive rock circles, plus the opportunity to collaborate on his own terms
with instrumental and production luminaries such as BJ Cole, Raphael Ravenscroft, Hossam Ramzy, Richard Barbieri and Steve Jansen.

His albums have received highly positive reviews (The Musician, PROG, iOPages, Eclipsed magazine) and airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music (Tom Robinson), BBC Introducing, Croydon Radio, Kingston Green Radio, Symfozone Radio, Radio Xymphonia, PhonicFM, Aural Moon, Progopolis, Babyblaue, AFK MAX, MLWZ Radio, Grooove Station, Justincase Prog Radio, Progtopia, SoundArt Radio, The Dividing Line Network and more.

GRICE's forthcoming album 'one thousand birds' is due for release in 2019 on hungersleep records.