2016 - 2017

Sat 8 October 2016 GRICE (supporting Banco de Gaia) | Exeter Phoenix | UK

Thurs 16 March 2017 Richard Barbieri/GRICE | Vibraphonic Festival | Exeter Phoenix | UK

Sun 26 March 2017 (Afternoon) Richard Barbieri/GRICE | Seventh Wave festival| Birmingham | UK

Sun 26 March 2017 (evening) Richard Barbieri/GRICE | Seventh Wave festival| Birmingham | UK

Fri 28 March 2017 Richard Barbieri + GRICE (support) | Hoxton Hall | London | UK

Bristol, European dates tba


14 March 2015: Masterclass on Improvisation, Music Technology and Live Performance | Vibraphonic Festival | Exeter | UK

17 April 2015: Live session on PhonicFM radio | The Last Transmission show

6 June 2015: Respect Festival

26 September 2015: Rugby World Cup | Exeter Fanzone | Nothernhay Gardens, Exeter

13 October 2015: Masterclass and Live Performance - Producing Improvisation - Improvising Production| dBs Music | Berlin | Germany

15 October 2015: Culture Container | Berlin | Germany

17 December 2015: Alexandrine album launch | Exeter Phoenix | UK


9 February 2013: live session on BBC Radio Devon, John Govier show

14 December 2013: debut performance of Propeller as part of the
'Tour of Duty' series of live shows | St Stephens Church | Exeter | UK. Feat. Raphael Ravenscroft (saxophone).

22 March 2014: Analogue to Digital Music Expo 2014 aftershow industry showcase.

12 September 2014: Acoustica Festival | UK

27 September 2014: Oktoberfest | Exeter Castle | Exeter | UK (supporting Public Service Broadcasting and Baka Beyond)

30 September 2014: Live session on PhonicFM radio | The Future Sound of Exeter Show.

29 November 2014: Indie Night | The Cavern | Exeter | UK


Vocals, Guitars, Soundscapes

Art Rock singer, songwriter and guitarist. Trained as a percussionist, GRICE started his musical journey as a drummer in a number of alternative rock bands on South London, he then progressed to singing and playing acoustic and electric guitar as a frontman in SWANSTON and The Martyrs. He has a passion for experimenting, mangling and manipulating sound both in the analogue and digital domains. Grice writes emotional, dark and deeply personal songs and delivers sonic missiles aimed at the heart. His style of shimmering musical alchemy and the restless and challenging cocktail of electro-acoustic glitch, art-rock and avant-pop synthesis he produces has lead to having high profile guesting musicians in his albums including Richard Barbieri (Japan, Rain Tree Crow, Porcupine Tree), Steve Jansen (Japan), Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel), BJ Cole and Raphael Ravenscroft amongst others.

GRICE performs live with a number of guesting musicians and a core rhythm section including:

Duncan Chave

Ableton Live, loops & programming

Sound designer and programmer Duncan plays Eigenharp and uses Ableton/Stutter edit and triggers loops live during the shows. Working closely with GRICE as engineer in the studio and live sound facilitator, Duncan Chave spins virtual samples and mangled loops into the live shows helping to create intense musical landscapes rich with glitch, stuttered vocals and musical cut-ups.

Al Swainger

Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Loops & Soundscapes

Bassist, composer, improviser and FX enthusiast. His eclectic tastes have led to making music in a wide variety of styles over the years with literally hundreds of musicians. Covering styles from pop to progressive rock, traditional to modern jazz and fully improvised soundsculpture, Al is always keen to explore new musical territory. His unique style of loopage and soundscaping combined with his Double Bass and solid electric Bass playing talents add additional depth and colour to the GRICE blend.

Ric Byer (05Ric)


Extended range bass player and drummer, 05Ric has released collaborative albums with Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison and has toured extensively in Europe. 05Ric adds the percussive thread to the GRICE sonic tapestry. Ric's love of progressive and Jazz drumming, combined with the unique Bass playing of Al Swainger and the passionate song-smithery of GRICE is a rare sonic alchemy. This Art Rock triumvirate have formed a unique musical collaboration.


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