Propeller is the debut solo album by GRICE.

Propeller is released through hungersleep records and is available to buy as both digital download from bandcamp or as signed physical CD housed in beautiful card digipak from
Burning Shed on-line store.

Propeller has been a voyage from conception, through the creative and recording process and on into the Gricelands of imagery and production.
The album itself is dedicated to the memory of C J Peters (DFM) the artists Father and the title was inspired by the floor in the chapel RAF Biggin Hill which is made up entirely of wooden propellers from WWI aircraft. This page is dedicated to the flight crew of 214 Squadron, the visual and audio artists, musicians, producers, technicians and to the conceptual elements of the work, the inspiration and dedication behind the tracks. We salute all who were involved.



GRICE: Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass guitar,
Tzouras, Kora, EBow, Virtual VincenzoTM (digital harpsichord)
Percussion, Electronic Percussion, Guitar synth, Sequencing
Programming, Piano & Keyboard treatments, Drum loops/Samples
String arrangements Sax & Horn arrangements & Digital editing
Lee Fletcher: Bass Guitar, Soundscapes, electronic percussion,
treatments, extra arrangements
Alan Burton: Uilleann Pipes
BJ Cole: Pedal Steel Guitar
Fred Ehresmann: Hammond Organ, Digital Santur, Pianos, Rhodes
Jacqueline Kershaw: French Horn
Jim Peters: Pianos, Backing Vocals
Jerri Hart: Trumpet
Jim Peters: Pianos & Backing vocals
Joe Breban: Drums
Lisa Fletcher: Backing vocals
Luca Calabrese: Trumpet
Raphael Ravenscroft: Saxophone, Flute
Markus Reuter: Soundscapes, U8 Touch Guitars
05Ric: Drums, Percussion
Ondrej Pochyly: Electric and Acoustic Violin
Steve Bingham: Violin, Viola
Alexander Marchant: Bass Guitar

Produced and mixed by Lee Fletcher (for Unsung Productions)
All songs written and co-produced by GRICE
Arranged by GRICE and Lee Fletcher
Engineered by GRICE, Duncan Chave and Lee Fletcher
Mastered by Simon Heyworth (Super Audio Mastering)
Audio & Lyrics © 2012 GRICE
Label: hungersleep records
Recorded at Sound Gallery Studios, Exeter, UK. www.sound-gallery.net
Additional contributions recorded in Milan (Italy) and Innsbruck (Austria)
Original cover art: courtesy of Elizabeth McAlpine and C J Peters
Cover design: Bernhard Wostheinrich

[PROPELLER] The Musicians

Between them the musicians featuring on Propeller have worked with and appeared on releases by an illustrious list of artists including:David Sylvian - Nine Horses - Depeche Mode - Elton John - Toyah Wilcox - Chrysta Bell - Stick Men - Dave Gilmour - Gerry Rafferty - Marvin Gaye - Ray Charles - Keith Tippett - Touchable Dreams - No-Man - Gavin Harrison - Porcupine Tree - Duffy - Swanston - The Martyrs - The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Gong) - Veil Cassini - hungersleep and many more...


The images for the album artwork and website imagery are courtesy of British artist Elizabeth McAlpine from her installation 'QUINTET', a collection of five picture vinyl LP records that were constructed from selected second hand coloured vinyl records, lazer cut and collaged together to form new vinyl picture discs. After reconstruction the vinyl was played on record players at 33rpm (the same speed as Duchamp's original rotaraliefs from the 1920's were made to rotate) in order to create the illusion of the third dimension. Audio from the reconstructed vinyl was recorded by GRICE and samples were used on 'Propeller', adding analogue crackle to digital static and in effect, creating the signature soundscapes which underline the warmth of the songs. The inner CD artwork also features original oil paintings by GRICEs father C J Peters who was a great artist in his own right working in oils in the old master style.

Quintet: Oeuf, Verre, Lampe, Mont Golfiere, Poisson (lamp, martini glass, light bulb, hot air balloon, fish)

Quintet Instatllation by Elizabeth McAlpine


The 8mm films that accompany the audio trailer for the album feature original archive footage shot by the artists father, C J Peters (DFM) between 1955 and 1967.
Following three tours of duty in a B17 as part of RAF 214 squadron (N for 'NUTS,) during WWII, CJ Peters was awarded the DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal) and was given an RAF ceremony with full honours at the chapel at RAF Biggin Hill. The title 'Propeller' is inspired by the floor of this chapel which is made up of hundreds of WWI propellers.
CJP worked in civil aviation following the war and his travels took him around the world.
He filmed and documented his travels to Africa (capturing footage of Freetown which no longer exists), Spain and France (archiving film of renowned matadors the Peralta brothers) and many other locations. The films were shot on 8mm film and were digitized 10 years ago using Diamond - Prism transfer technology.
The film promos and live performances are to have film and visualisation elements that combine this early footage with animated artwork and complimentary visual textures.

Propeller trailer film (Burning Shed version) Audio taster HERE

Patiently (Radio Edit) by GRICE from the album Propeller
Audio & Lyrics © 2012 GRICE
Super 8mm Footage: C J Peters © 2012 hungersleep Productions
Vinyl Image: 'Oeuf' (from 'Quintet', 2006) courtesy of Elizabeth McAlpine
Video Edit: Lee Fletcher www.unsung-productions.com

[PROPELLER] Production

GRICE London born singer songwriter, musician, producer had been writing, rotating and cultivating the songs for Propeller over the period of a couple of years. He went in to Sound Gallery Studios in 2011 with a core group of musicians to record the tracks and worked extensively with saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft and violinist Ondrej Pochyly alongside his longtime musical allies (brother Jim Peters and Fred Ehresmann on keys and drummer Jo Breban) to record the songs and additional improvised and calculated takes which he then edited and produced into arrangements, added to this were the unmistakeable vocals and guitars of Grice himself along with his digital contributions, programming and audio treatments. Propeller, commencing countdown engines on taxing and ready for pre flight checks.

It was at this time that GRICE teamed up with producer Lee Fletcher and together they forged a friendship and a plan to complete the work.
Producer Lee fuel injected Propeller with unique contributions from another pool of miraculous musicians that he had worked with, creating yet another sonic dimension. Through his empathy, dedication and detailed production and in partnership with the artist, the album was completed.
Mastered by the sonically magnificent Simon Heyworth the album was airborne and resplendent.
The emphasis has always been on warmth and song-smithery with a healthy injection of electro-acoustic glitch, art-rock and avant-pop synthesis - Hi Fi and Lo Fi elements combined with moving solo performances and softer supporting soundscapes to create emotional and intense songscapes.

Propeller is a beautifully synchronised collaboration between artist and producer combining emotional GRICElands with pure Fletchertronics.



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