Propeller is the debut solo album by UK singer songwriter GRICE in which he showcases his ability to perform shimmering musical alchemy.
Propeller is a cocktail of electro-acoustic glitch, art-rock and avant pop synthesis with a sprinkling of free improvisation, tempered into rare and well-crafted lyrical songs.
Propeller is the first official release from UK based independent label hungersleep records and features musical contributions from the likes of BJ Cole, Markus Reuter, Raphael Ravenscroft, Luca Calabrese, Fred Ehresmann and MORE '... sonic missiles aimed at the heart.'

Propeller is available to buy now as both digital download from bandcamp and iTunes, Amazon etc or as a signed physical CD from the Burning Shed on-line store.
An exclusive Radio Edit of the first single PATIENTLY is available now as a FREE digital download.


Previews of selected tracks from the album 'Propeller' by GRICE.
Released on hungersleep records available on-line through Burning Shed


GRICE Propeller, UK Art Rocker lifts off with all-star solo debut

'Propeller is a revelation, its glorious textures and instrumentation drawing the listener in as it flows seamlessly from one song to the next, never losing its intensity. The four-part title track is particularly breathtaking. With Propeller Grice has created a genuinely extraordinary slice of experimental rock.'
Classic Rock presents PROG magazine, May issue 2012. Read More

by Vince Font writer host of Progopolis radio show.

'The aptly named Propeller is the embodiment of that flight, a collection of well-crafted songs so deeply intimate and personal that you almost want to ask 'Should I be hearing this?' Well yeah, of course you should and since he can't do it from wherever he is, you should also do it for Van Gogh....' Read More

Voted #3 in the best Digital albums of 2011 by Progopolis US on-line Radio Show

Review by Jackson Cooper - Riviera FM

'Music is art and this is one of the most beautiful, romantic, dramatic, pieces of personally crafted song writing you will ever hear. Grice is Grice and long may he continue to be so...'Read More

Voted album of the month (February 2012) on Riviera FM.

Review by Ben Errington - Live Music Scene

'GRICE's 'Propeller' is a considerate and sophisticated album, containing the musical expertise of many experienced musicians, which propels this group of songs to otherworldly heights. For me, the band Porcupine Tree can be heard in patches, which is a great band to have any comparisons to, the progressive sound GRICE commands being something that is remarkable....'Read More

Review by Chris Jones - Jones is Dying...Writings on inner culture

'Vocally GRICE inhabits that space that could only be described as that of the modern post-prog milieu: mixing the intensity of Mark Hollis or Tim Bowness with a Beatle-esque sweetness. As a piece Propeller stands proud as an example of what can be achieved by talented people who still believe in the old fashioned notion of good songwriting, in short: this is highly recommended...' Read More

Review by altprogcore - L'evoluzione alternativa del Progressive Rock (Italy)

'Fascinating, moving, refined work with the benevolent aura of sophisticated pop...' More

Review XYMPHONIA radio - Rene Yemeda(Netherlands)

'GRICE makes music which can be described somewhere between the singer-songwriter-genre and progressieve rock or art rock. Parallels can be made with for example the older solo-works from David Sylvian, although 'Propeller' is more direct....' Read More
'Congratulations on your album. It's a beautifully crafted work and the production is amazing. Great songs as well. A labour of love by the sounds of it. Sometimes veers too often into Sylvian territory, but that's really not a bad thing is it? Anyway enjoying it.'
Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree, Japan)

'Many thanks, fabulous album, on 4th repeat play today, marvellous production too new bits jumping out all the time, kinda has all the best elements of Talk Talk and Kate Bush very impressed!
Paul Gray (The Damned, Eddie & The Hotrods, MU)

The Musician (M.U.) - Summer 2012

GRICE Propeller - 'Grice's Propeller album is a poignant debut of remarkable quality' Read More

Album: Propeller
Artist: GRICE

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Album: Propeller
Artist: GRICE

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