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Watch ALEXANDRINE album trailer

Watch ALEXANDRINE album trailer II

Watch REFRACTIONS trailer

Watch PROPELLER album trailer

Album trailers feature extracts of Super 8mm Footage filmed C J Peters.

Vinyl Image: 'Oeuf' (from 'Quintet', 2006) courtesy of Elizabeth McAlpine

Video Edits & Artistic Direction: GRICE (hungersleep Productions)

Video Edit (Propeller album trailer): Lee Fletcher (Unsung productions)


GRICE - Polarchoral album trailer

GRICE - SAVIOUR (single)

GRICE - hardest to reach (1000 birds trailer)

GRICE - She's in my Garden (live performance)

GRICE - 1000 birds album trailer


GRICE - GRICE - she burns (1000 birds trailer)

Alexandrine - GRICE (Live at Exeter Pheonix)

GRICE - GRICE - The Grey of Granite Stone (trailer)

GRICE - Highly Strung Live @ A2D Music Expo 2014

Patiently (Radio Edit) by GRICE from the album Propeller

GRICE - Broken Arrow Live @ A2D Music Expo 2014

GRICE - Flaw 2 (silica) [Alexandrine]

Propeller trailer film (Burning Shed version)

HIGHLY STRUNG (Richard Barbieri Remix)

ALBUM Trailers

GRICE - Alexandrine album trailer (Frozen Water)

ALBUM Trailers

Alexandrine album trailer II (12 Syllables)

Love Theme [from the film Blade Runner] by hungersleep

Refractions (trailer)

GRICE - Patiently (Live session)

GRICE - clear, conscious & free [Alexandrine]

Alexandrine [Alexandrine by GRICE]


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